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Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit (G-SDSU) Core Modules

G-SDSU core modules enables users to insert their own satellite simulator to convert model-simulated atmosphere states to various types of satellite observable signals (radiance or backscattering signals), and to compare such data with comparable measurements collected by corresponding satellite level-1 measurement.

Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit (G-SDSU) Core Modules Goals

G-SDSU core modules including various input/output (IO) parameters to support NASA's various high-resolution atmospheric model, and MPI module handle fast, scalable process to drive 1dimensional radiative transfer within high-end computers.

These goals are listed below.

Project Goals

The G-SDSU is being developed to support NASA's high-resolution modeling systems and current/future satellite missions. To make best use of the information afforded by satellite direct observations (level-1) requires comprehensive multi-sensor satellite simulators coupled with high-resolution atmospheric modeling system. For example, such virtual satellite mission will be provided for GPM precipitation retrieval algorithm development in the pre-launch era, and for validating GPM precipitation products following the GPM launch.

Functional Goals

The functional goals of G-SDSU core module include reading various atmospheric model simulations developed at NASA. Goddard SDSU core module will permit the coupling of various future-satellite simulators by multiple collaborating organizations.

Evolvability Goals

The software is intended to be scalable and evolvable. It is expected that users from academia and from national weather services will use the software and that they will contribute to future releases.

Usability Goals

The software is intended to be used by meteorologists and other science experts. It is not intended for general use.

Software Packages

This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.1 or later.
Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit (G-SDSU) Core Modules NOSA


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