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Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching Comparison Software

This software enables easy comparison of ground- and space-based radar observations. The software was initially designed to compare ground radar reflectivity from operational, ground-based, S- and C-band meteorological radars with comparable measurements from the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite's Precipitation Radar instrument. The software is also applicable to other ground-based and space-based radars. The software allows both ground and space based radar data to be compared for validation purposes. A separate set of open source software tools displays and performs statistical analyses of the data output from this software. Refer to Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Visualization Tool for Validation Network Geometrically-Matched Ground-and Space-based Radar Data.

Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching Comparison Software Goals

The software performs match-up of ground- and space-based radar measurements. It does so by geolocating each individual radar pulse volume and by matching overlapping ground and space-based radar volumes. This procedure is termed volume matching. Such volume matching has been performed previously, and radar volume matching methods are described in the open scientific literature. The unique characteristics of this software are that the volume matching algorithm does not involve interpolation or extrapolation of the radar data; each match-up data volume includes diagnostic and quality metrics to describe the match-up characteristics at the point; the software is readily configurable for new ground radar locations and multiple data formats, and extensible for additional radar data fields; and is designed to work within an automated, operational system.

Project Goals

The software was developed in response to requirements defined by the Ground Validation System (GVS) of NASA GSFC's Global Precipitation Mission Project. The GVS requirements are defined in several documents, including the GPM GVS Science Implementation Plan and the GPM GVS Level-3 Requirements. The GVS has the responsibility of providing data for GPM precipitation retrieval algorithm development in the pre-launch era, and for validating GPM precipitation products following the GPM launch.

Functional Goals

The software is designed to facilitate direct statistical comparison of space-based and ground-based precipitation measurements from radar, in an operational framework.

Evolvability Goals

The software is intended to be scalable and evolvable. It is expected that users from academia and from national weather services will use the software and that they will contribute to future releases.

Usability Goals

The software is intended to be used by meteorologists and other science experts. It is not intended for general use.

Software Packages

This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.1 or later.
Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching Comparison Software NOSA

Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching Comparison Software

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