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Lossless Hyper/Multi-spectral Data Compression Software

Software implementation of JPL published paper for performing lossless hyper-spectral and milti-spectral data compression. The implementation was executed to confirm the results obtained by JPL independently

Implemented JPL published paper and its revised version presented to the CCSDS hyper/multi-spectral data compression working group. The implementation follows every step listed in the relevant papers and usess C-code for simplicity. The software takes 3-dimensional test data provided by the CCSDS working group and created predictor error results that can be further encoded with other known techniques.

Lossless Hyper/Multi-spectral Data Compression Software Goals

These goals are listed below.

Project Goals

The software was implemented as an action item assigned by the CCSDS compression working group to provide independent validation of performance provided by JPL.

Functional Goals

To compute the adaptive filtering technique described in a JPL paper and the CCSDS data compression working group White Paper in order to create prediction errors that can be coded by other techniques. The first version is a direct step-by-step implementation of the filtering technique.

Evolvability Goals

Current implementation uses floating-point computation in order to simplify implementation. JPL has provided a revised version of the adaptive filtering technique that uses only integer computation.

Software Packages

This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.1 or later.
Lossless Hyper/Multi-spectral Data Compression Software NOSA

Lossless Hyper/Multi-spectral Data Compression Software Package

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