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User Friendly Metadata

The User-friendly Metadata (UFM) tool functions as a filter, taking input from standard input (STDIN) and writing output to standard output (STDOUT) and/or standard error (STDERR). Command line options provide a user with the ability to modify the program's functionality. The UFM tool accepts an ODL file as input and generates a simple HTML representation of the ODL as output. More sophistication can be added by use of an instructions file (an ECS-customized version of an instructions file is included in this distribution).

Program language: C
Operation system: Unix
Library: ODL library is integrated in this program.

User Friendly Metadatar Goals

This tool was developed as a demonstration of how to work with HDF-EOS data produced by NASA’s EOS program, including the standard products of the EOS Terra, Aqua and Aura missions and other EOSDIS standard products. The development of these tools is not ongoing and this source is offered “as is” with the hope that it may be useful.

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This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.1 or later.
User Friendly Metadata NOSA

User Friendly Metadata software

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