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Vectorization of Global Flood Monitoring System using TopoJSON

This capability allows for the generation of vectors by reading the Global Flood Monitoring data, processing the data and generating a TopoJSON encoded file for visualization on the web.

Vectorization of Global Flood Monitoring System using TopoJSON Goals

Conversion of raster files is very problematic for low-bandwidth or other disadvantaged users on mobile platforms. Current OpenGeoSpatial standards are too low level and require too much software expertise to be used by the majority of end-users. Distribution of the data is done using a very compact vector format and a high level API is provided to abstract out the low level interfaces. This technology generates vectors by reading the global flood monitoring system data and creates a TopoJSON for website visualization. This technology interfaces directly with the Open GeoSocial Consumer Application being submitted through NTR (Case No. GSC-17162-1).

Project Goals

Create vector and TopoJSON files that are easy to read on both a mobile app and web-based platform and increases capabilities to leverage data in other places.

Functional Goals

Generation of vectors from reading Global Flood Monitoring System data and processing this data into TopoJSON encoded file format for visualization.

Evolvability Goals

Software may be used for other model products in the future.

Usability Goals

Develop easy-to-use TopoJSON format files from less accessible formats.

Software Packages

This software is released under the terms and conditions of the Apache License, Version 2.0.
Apache License (PDF)

GeoSocial Consumer Application Software Package

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