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XML to ODL Converter

A program that translates an XML representation of HDF-EOS ODL metadata back to ODL format.

A. HDF-EOS metadata is internally formatted in ODL (for historical reasons). Recently the DAACs started to distribute it in XML, which works better with current standard tools, but breaks old tools. The DAACs themselves saw a need to regenerate ODL from their XML.

B. The initial translation of ODL->XML loses some information about data types and container types that needs to be regenerated, either by heuristics or explicit look-up-tables.

C. Using expat as its parser, the program walks the XML tree. Branches of the tree are translated to ODL container classes, the type of which is controlled by a look-up-table. Leaves of the tree are rendered as ODL types (string, number, symbol) by attempting to parse them with an ODL data parser.

D. Command-line application: $xml2odl <XMLFILE> [<ODLFILE>]

XML to ODL Converter Goals

This tool was developed as a demonstration of how to work with HDF-EOS data produced by NASA’s EOS program, including the standard products of the EOS Terra, Aqua and Aura missions and other EOSDIS standard products. The development of these tools is not ongoing and this source is offered “as is” with the hope that it may be useful.

Functional Goals


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Software Packages

This software is released under the terms and conditions of the NASA Open Source Agreement (NOSA) Version 1.1 or later.
XML to ODL Converter NOSA

XML to ODL Converter

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