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GSFC Open Source Software

GSFC conducts research and development in software and software technology as an essential response to the needs of GSFC missions. Under the GSFC Software Release policy, GFSC has several options for the release of GSFC developed software technologies. These options now include Open Source software release. This option is under the GSFC Open Source Agreement (NOSA).

NASA's primary goals in distributing software codes Open Source are:

  • To accelerate NASA software development and improve the quality via community peer review
  • To maximize the awareness and impact of NASA research
  • To increase dissemination of NASA software in support of NASA's education mission


Architecture-agnostic programming environment, based on ANSI C.
Assembly Java Programming environment John Dorband
Multispectral image processing software for Advanced Land Imager on EO-1 satellite, including calibration, alignment, and accuracy assessments.
Image processing Vicki Zanoni
Assert-Based Unit Test Tools (UT-Assert)
Provide a unit test framework and a collection of utilities that are designed to facilitate flight software unit testing.
C Verification Tools David McComas
CEOP Satellite Data Server
A gateway using OPeNDAP, implemented as a plug-in to the Hyrax server, for accessing WCS data.
OPeNDAP Hyrax Networking Christopher Lynnes
Core Flight Executive (cFE)
Architecture-agnostic programming environment, based on ANSI C.
C Programming environment David McComas
Core RHSEG Software Package
Pre-processes images (or image-like data) into regions, allowing for more efficient data analysis for small objects within the image.
C++ Image processing James Tilton
Cost Estimation Toolkit and Comparables Database
Life-cycle cost estimator for science data systems, including spreadsheet and graphical output, what-if tools, etc.
VBA Excel Productivity Kathy Fontaine
Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS)
Filters Earth science satellite data based on internal quality information.
HDF-Java Semantic Web Data filtering Christopher Lynnes
ECS Metadata Validator
Validates an XML document to the BMGT Granule or Collection Schema, and outputs an error report.
XML Data validation Richard Ullman
Allows clients to query multiple distributed servers for Earth Observing Systems data.
Data interchange Robert Harberts
EEPROM File System (EEFS)
A simple, non-block oriented file system for embedded systems.
C Embedded Systems RTOS Embedded Software Alan Cudmore
Evolutionary Mission Trajectory Generator (EMTG)
Goddard's autonomous low-thrust trajectory optimization tool. EMTG is capable of designing complex low-thrust trajectories with minimal input from the user.
C++ Python SNOPT CSPICE Trajectory Design Jacob Englander
.Net Algorithms Edward Gaddy
Forecast Model Web Map Service (NFMW)
Reads Earth science models and produces web pages that display the desired area, time, and elevation, using WMS (Web Map Service).
HDF NetCDF GRIB WMS Perl IDL Data visualization Eric Sokolowsky
G-SDSU Core Modules
Goddard Satellite Data Simulator Unit Core Modules to support development of satellite simulators linking to cloud-resolving models, based on Fortran90 program.
Fortran Frameworks Toshihisa Matsui
General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT)
Models and optimizes spacecraft trajectories (from low Earth orbit to deep space).
Space flight Steven Hughes
GEOS-5 GCM Modeling Software
Earth data modelling framework.
Data modeling Michele Rienecker
GeoSocial Consumer Application
Abstracts the work of interpreting the server interface, constructing workflows, and executing them by serving JavaScript executable code from each server.
Dalia Kirschbaum
Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Visualization Tool for Validation Network Geometrically-Matched Ground- and Space-based Radar Data
Displays grand- and space-based radar observations for easy comparison and validation. Inteded for meteorologists and other sciences; not end users.
IDL Data visualization Mathew Schwaller
Global Precipitation Radar (GPM) Space and Ground Radar Comparison
Collects various data sets from TRMM spacecraft, re-samples it, and generates statistics.
IDL Data processing Mathew Schwaller
The GMSEC API provides a common interface to various middlewares using publish/subscribe and request/reply services.
C C++ Java Perl API Tina Tsui
Ground and Space Radar Volume Matching Comparison Software
Compares ground- and space-based radar observations.
Data processing Mathew Schwaller
HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5 Compatibility Library
Provides a consistent API to both EOS-2 and EOS-5 APIs, which are slightly different.
C API Richard Ullman
HDF-EOS5 Validator
Validates an XML description of an HDF-EOS file against that file.
XML Data validation Richard Ullman
HDF-EOS Metadata Updater
Updates metadata inside an HDF-EOS file.
XML Data file manipulation Richard Ullman
HDF-EOS to netCDF Convertor
Data conversion.
Data conversion Richard Ullman
HDF-EOS Web Server
Converts HDF-EOS metadata into human-readable HTML and publishes it to a local web server (which must be pre-configured).
XML HTML Data conversion Richard Ullman
HDFEOS XML DTD and Schemas
A set of DTD and schemas for HDFEOS files.
XML Data validation Richard Ullman
HDFView HDF-EOS Plug-in
HDFView plug-in. Java-based viewer and editor for HDF-EOS files.
Java Data visualization Dan Marinelli
Lunar Geospatial Information System (GIS) for analysis and visualizations of mapped lunar data.
Java XML Jython JavaScript Data visualization Stephen Talabac
Framework for controlling instruments, devices, and sensors.
Java Frameworks Troy Ames
Java Astrodynamics Toolkit
Package for space mission design, trajectory optimization, and analysis of onboard systems.
Java Simulations David Gaylor
Land Information System Verification Toolkit (LVT)
Software tool designed to enable the evaluation, analysis and comparison of outputs generated by the Land Information System (LIS).
Fortran 90 C ESMF GRIB NetCDF HDF Data analysis Christa Peters-Lidard
Lossless Hyper/Multispectral Data Compression Software
Performs lossless hyper-spectral and multi-spectral data compression.
C Data compression Penshu Yeh
Matlab-CodeV Toolkit
Imports optical system and performance data from CodeV software into Matlab.
Matlab Data conversion Joseph Howard
Matlab-OSLO Toolkit
Imports optical system and performance data from OSLO software into Matlab.
Matlab Data conversion Joseph Howard
Matlab-Zemax Toolkit
Imports optical system and performance data from Zemax software into Matlab.
Matlab Data conversion Joseph Howard
Metadata Check
Takes EOS file metadata and descriptor, and outputs a file with validation results.
Matlab Data validation Richard Ullman
Provides a way to perform static and modal analysis of structures using classical FEA techniques.
Fortran 90 Computer Aided Engineering, Finite Element Analysis Timothy Carnahan
NASA Image2000
Cross-platform image processing system.
Java XML JavaScript Image processing David Matusow
Converts different scientific data formats into CF-compliant netCDF standardized files, as specified by the CMIP5 project, or publication into the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF).
Python CDMS2 CMOR Data conversion Denis Nadeau
ODL to XML Converter
Converts an HDF-EOS ODL metadata file into appropriate XML. Written in Java.
XML Java Data conversion Richard Ullman
Orbit Determination Toolbox
Flexible way to do early mission analysis, particularly formation flying and exploration systems.
Matlab Java Simulations James Carpenter
Isolates embedded software within a real-time operating system (RTOS), providing an API to an abstract RTOS, along with implementations for several RTOS's.
RTOS API vxWorks RTEMS Software library Alan Cudmore
Extends serial codes, using a Cartesian mesh, into a parallel code with adaptive mesh refinement.
Fortran Data conversion Peter MacNiece
Unit testing framework for Fortran.
Fortran Software development Thomas Clune
Requirements Tracing On Target (RETRO)
Requirements tracing package.
Software development Jane Hayes
Implements a suite of science processing algorithms and scenarios.
Perl Data processing Christopher Lynnes
Processing, display, analysis, and QC of ocean color data.
C Fortran Image processing Gene Feldman
Contains a web server and SDK for SPDF software.
SOAP Java API Robert Candey
Displays satellite orbits, in an interactive, animated, 4D manner. Primarily a web-based Java application.
Java Data visualization Robert Candey
Converts an HDF-EOS ODL file to HTML.
C HTML Data conversion Richard Ullman
Displays multiple vector and scalar values three-dimensionally, as orbits, potentially amongst multiple spacecraft or simulations of spacecraft.
Java Data visualization Ryan Boller
Vectorization of Global Flood Monitoring System using TopoJSON
Allows for the generation of vectors by reading the Global Flood Monitoring data, processing the data and generating a TopoJSON encoded file.
Dalia Kirschbaum
Interactive satellite imagery browsing and downloading tool.
HTML JavaScript CSS Data visualization Ryan Boller
Data conversion.
C Data conversion Richard Ullman
XML to ODL Converter
Converts an XML file to an HDF-EOS ODL metadata file.
C Data conversion Richard Ullman

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